Health and Nutrition Benefits of Cocoa Powder 

Cocoa is thought to have first been used by the Maya civilization of Central America.
It was introduced to Europe by Spanish conquerors in the 16th century and quickly became popular as a health-promoting medicine.
Cocoa powder is made by crushing cocoa beans and removing the fat or cocoa butter.
Today, cocoa is most famous for its role in chocolate production. However, modern research has revealed that it does indeed contain important compounds that can benefit your health.
Here are some health and nutrition benefits of cocoa powder.

1. Rich In Polyphenol That Provide Several Health Benefits

Cocoa is rich in polyphenols, which have significant health benefits, including reduced inflammation and improved cholesterol levels. However, processing cocoa into chocolate or other products can substantially decrease the polyphenol content. Spectra Cocoa Powder has 100% alkalized cocoa.

2. May Reduce High Blood Pressure by Improving Nitric Oxide Levels

Studies reveal that cocoa is rich in flavanols, which lower blood pressure by improving nitric oxide levels and blood vessel function. Cocoa containing between 30 –1,218 mg of flavanols can reduce blood pressure by an average of 2 mmHg.

3. May Lower Your Risk of Heart Attack and Stroke

Cocoa can improve blood flow and reduce cholesterol. Eating up to one serving of chocolate per day may reduce your risk of heart attack, heart failure and stroke.

4. Polyphenols Improve Blood Flow to Your Brain and Brain Function

Flavanols in cocoa can support neuron production, brain function and improve blood flow reducing blood clot and supply to brain tissue. They may have a role in preventing age-related brain degeneration, such as in Alzheimer’s disease, but more research is needed.

5. May Have Cancer-Protective Properties

flavanols in cocoa have been shown to have promising anti-cancer properties in est-tube and animal studies, but data from human trials is lacking.


The Bottom Line

Cocoa has captivated the world for thousands of years and is a big part of modern cuisine in the form of chocolate.

Health benefits of cocoa include decreased inflammation, improved heart and brain health, blood sugar and weight control and healthy teeth and skin.

It’s nutritious and easy to add to your diet in creative ways. However, make sure to use non-alkalized cocoa powder or dark chocolate containing more than 70% cocoa if you want to maximize health benefits.

Remember that chocolate still contains significant quantities of sugar and fats, so if you’re going to use it, stick to reasonable portion sizes and combine it with a healthy balanced diet.

Finally Spectra Industries Cocoa Powder is 100% pure Alkalized Cocoa Powder without sugar which can be taken hot or cold and also used in different dairy mixtures like chocolates, cakes, milkshakes and a lot more.

We are the “home of functional foods”.

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